A hidey-hole of sorts, this is where I wish to share snippets of my world. There’ll be songs and nature walks, pictures that tell a story and posts where I think out loud, times when I’ll cook up a storm and want to share my kitchen tales too. Sometimes my scissors and glue will have a surprise or two and there’ll be moments when I reminisce, hoping that a few will walk down memory lane with me.

A splash of colours, words spilling out of my jingling jar, the little things that make me happy, places where I’ve been – these and a lot more will find a place in this nook.

A 31 year old , who oscillates between feeling like a 13 year old on some days and a septuagenarian on others, has a lot happening in between all the swinging and swaying and wishes to Learn something new, Love some more, Laugh with you and share moments of my Life as you share some of yours.

The door is open, welcome 🙂